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I’m so glad you stopped by today! I’m Gaylyn Williams, the president of Relationship Resources and author of 40+ books.
I’ve written on many topics including joy, stress, conflict and relationships with God and others.

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My desire is to empower and equip you in your life, family and ministry through proven resources.

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Practical, biblical books and training equipping and empowering you, your family, small group, congregation or ministry. Proven with over 50,000 people worldwide over the last 25 years.

About Relationship Resources

For over 40 years, Relationship Resources has empowered tens of thousands of people worldwide
with practical, biblical books and training. They are a nonprofit (501c3) organization
dedicated to encouraging and equipping people in their relationships with God and others
with their proven resources.

“The Heartbeats of God” Bible study series

My most recent books are a series of Bible studies, “The Heartbeats of God,” which invite you to share in God’s great passions. They will empower you to understand and play your part in His plans for the end times. These Bible studies can be used for yourself, your family, small group, congregation, or ministry.

Life-changing Bible studies to empower you to understand God’s Heart

Book 1: Explore God’s Heart for Relationships. Discover God’s design and passion for our relationship with Him, our relationships with others, and our identity in Christ.

Book 2: Explore God’s Heart for the Return of Christ. Learn about God’s heart for revival in the end times, the powerful role of the Holy Spirit, and Christ’s imminent return.

Book 3: Explore God’s Heart for Keeping His Word. Gain insights into how God keeps His Word, promises, and covenants with Israel, with Jews, and with all believers.

Book 4: Explore God’s Heart for Israel. You get the three books above in one volume.

We will never sell, give away or misuse your information in anyway and you can unsubscribe easily.