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The Heartbeats of God series is a Bible study that invites you to share in God’s great passion and  learn how you can play a part in His plans for the end times. These books will empower you, step-by-step, to participate in God’s great design for you, for Israel, and for the world.

The Heartbeats of God Bible study series has the following books:


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What people are saying about The Heartbeats of God series:

This life-changing book will leave you challenged and empowered to encounter the Father heart of God. —Dean Bye, Founding Director of Return Ministries

This book is timely and significant as we are invited into one of the greatest movements of God in history. —Debbie Kellogg, Founder and Director of Cyrus Foundation

I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves the Bible and desires deeper revelationChaim Malespin, Co-founder of Aliyah Return Center

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