Relationship Resources Serving God's Kingdom for Over 40 Years

About Relationship Resources, Inc.Ken Williams and Gaylyn Williams

Relationship Resources, Inc. (RRI) is a nonprofit (501c3) organization dedicated to improving people’s relationships with God and others through biblically-based books and workshops. For over 40 years, Relationship Resources continues to impact thousands of lives across the globe.

Relationship Resources uses practical applications and Biblical principles to facilitate growth in all relationships. Through their books, trainings and workshops, people feel empowered when they learn how to rediscover God’s joy, manage stress, and develop healthy relationships.

Relationship Resources began informally when their co-founder, Ken Williams, Ph.D., finished his doctorate in Human Behavior. He saw an incredible need for interpersonal skills training for missionaries and began doing workshops for them. Before gaining nonprofit status in 1999, Ken partnered with his daughter Gaylyn Williams. Relationship Resources expanded to include training and workshops for churches and ministries. They also teach others to become facilitators for their own organizations.

As a single mother, Gaylyn saw an opportunity for interpersonal skills training with other single-parent families. Using the same principles and tools Relationship Resources used for missionaries, Gaylyn created a series of classes for single parents. She taught on interpersonal skills within the family and how to manage stress. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Relationship Resources has published 11 books designed to give people the tools they need to be all they can be. They focus on bettering relationships with God and others personally, organizationally and spiritually. In The Surprising Joy series, Gaylyn uses Scripture references and thoughtful questions to help guide people through rediscovering God’s love and everlasting joy. Gaylyn also reaches people through sharing her powerful story about loss, traumatic events, and deepening her faith.

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