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Two New Books Launched in 2015

God’s Design for Community and Reconcilable Differences

I just launched a new two-book series on relationships: God’s Design for Community and Reconcilable Differences. I’d love to give you a copy of one or both of them (see below for details). I’m excited about how these books will improve your relationships and communities. I know the principles work, because they have been proven worldwide with over 40,000 people in workshops!

Everyone can get God’s Design for Community in Kindle format for free by registering on the right side of this page. It will be available for one day in early December. Sign up now, so you don’t miss out.⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒

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As an added bonus, I’m giving Reconcilable Differences for only 99 cents on the same day!

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On this page you can:

  • discover how you can get one or both books for free in other versions.
  • learn more about each book, as well as about the online courses and live workshops based on these books.
  • get a free sample of these books in the right column. ⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒
  • see what others are saying about the books and workshops based on the principles in these books.
  • paragraphs you can copy and send to social media, friends, family and business associates about getting the book for free.

I’d love to get your ideas on how I can spread the message about these books. I wrote the materials initially in 1998 with my dad, Ken Williams, PhD. I’m excited about their potential to transform relationships and communities.

I was hoping I could brainstorm with you on ways I might spread the word about the books. If you know anyone who might be interested, would you consider telling them? But beyond that—I’d love your thoughts on publications or blogs I should approach to possibly guest post, get a review, an interview… whatever. I’m happy to collaborate, speak, serve as an expert on relationships … you name it.

I already have many rave reviews (which you can see at the bottom of this page), but I’m thinking about “launch month,” so I’m expecting to do more marketing in the next few weeks. If there is someone in your network you could refer me to who’d have an interest in these books or online courses, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for anything you can do to help me!

The life-changing strategies in these books have empowered 40,000+ people in missions, ministries, businesses and churches worldwide. Now they are available to you! Note: the covers are not finalized. They will not both look the same!

You can order the hard copy of the books by clicking on the links or the book covers.

Paragraphs you can share:

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  • My friend, Gaylyn Williams, is giving away her newest book, God’s Design for Community, for free this week. Sign up now to get the link.
  • You can get a free copy of my friend’s new book, God’s Design for Community. You can get more information about the book, as well as sign up to get the link on the day it is free.
  • Here is an amazing offer! My friend, Gaylyn Williams, is giving away her newest book, God’s Design for Community, for free. Learn more at Over 40,000 people worldwide have already benefited from the material in it through workshops.
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God’s Design for Community

You can transform your life and relationships with easy-to-apply, proven skills.

We live in a variety of communities, including family, friends, church, ministry, life group, business and more. Do your interactions glorify God, attracting both believers and not-yet believers to Him and your group?

In this practical, biblical book you will learn how to:

  • Break free of roadblocks hindering your relationships
  • Develop effective communication to deepen your connections
  • Cultivate strong meaningful associations, built on God’s Word
  • Create rapport and intimacy by practicing simple, yet powerful, skills

Discover seven keys to unlock deeper, healthier relationships in all your communities.

Reconcilable Differences

Conflict can either devastate or strengthen relationships. You can transform your life and communities with proven conflict-resolution skills.

Conflict is inevitable anywhere there are people—including with family and friends, at church, in ministry and in business. Would you like to learn to convert potentially destructive conflicts into something constructive and beneficial?

Using practical, biblical teaching, self-assessments, powerful illustrations and opportunities to practice, you’ll learn to exchange conflict for strong, God-honoring relationships by:

  • Embracing conflict as an ally, using spiritual resources
  • Addressing conflict from a biblical perspective
  • Practicing each simple-to-apply skill to create win/win solutions

How to Get Books Free

Here are some ways you can get a free copy of one or both of them:

  1. If you’ve been through a SYIS workshop, would you send me a paragraph or two about how the workshop and/or materials impacted your life or others you know? If you send something I can use and you give me written permission to use it, I’ll send you a copy of the book it appears in. You don’t have to write it perfectly! I can edit it.
  2. Send one or more stories about relationships that I can use in one of the books with written permission to use them. I need stories on listening, managing conflict, confrontation, helping others manage conflict, encouragement, trust, how people have damaged relationships, drawing out others and more. See “Other Versions of these Books,” below, for ideas on different types of stories.
  3. Give me a new idea to spread the word about the books, which brings sales of the books.
  4. Get me an interview on radio or TV, a review of one of the books somewhere with a large audience,and/or an opportunity to do a guest blog for you or someone you know, etc.
  5. Introduce me to a pastor, ministry leader or business owner who might be interested in the books (and he or she buys books). You could also introduce me to any larger LinkedIn or Facebook groups who might be interested in the books; or anyone else who has an audience that might be interested.
  6. Share with your network on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. about these books, including a link to this page. Encourage them to check out these new books with proven relationship-building principles.
  7. If you are part of a church or ministry, would you share these books with them? Send me something showing how you shared the books with them.
  8. Any other ideas you may have? I’m open.

If you do two or more of the above, I’ll send you a hard copy of whichever book(s) you help me get the word out for. If you just do one of the above, I’ll give you access to the online course for the book(s) you helped promote. Once you have done one or more of the above, email me with what you did and which book you are interested in, or post a comment at the bottom of this page. If you do #6, please send me screen shots of what you did.

Other Versions of these Books

These books are also available as online courses, as well as live workshops.

They will soon be available in different versions for a variety of groups, such as singles, couples, single parents, couples, families with younger children, families with teens, parents of adult children, home schoolers, businesses, churches, ministries, missionaries, and more.

What People Are Saying about these Materials

This includes earlier versions of this material. Most of the last names and some of the first names have been removed to protect them, because many work in sensitive countries.

“Scripture is clear that the Lord cares deeply about how we treat one another, both within and outside the walls of the church. But too often relationships in some areas of our lives can feel difficult to navigate! In God’s Design for Community Gaylyn Williams wisely shares practical tools to build community by learning the skills to treat each other with dignity and love that is truly felt and understood. These biblically-grounded principles are destined to transform lives and ministries, unlocking new doors to spread the love of Jesus.”  Dr. Dick Eastman, International President, Every Home for Christ

“We train people to preach so well that they can raise the dead, then they kill them again with their interpersonal skills. These materials give pastors and ministry leaders the practical skills they need to be effective in their ministries.” Patrick Repp, Minnesota Renewal Center

“I really believe this material has His anointing and is the best training tool I’ve seen for our kind of people. I really believe in it.” Duane, missionary in Thailand

“Talk is golden and now Gaylyn Williams has unlocked the communication vault. You will never be able to walk the walk if you can’t talk the talk! This course by Gaylyn Williams will give you the tools to become a gold-medal-winning people person.” Mark Walters, author

“I have three things to say about your material: 1) excellent 2) Excellent 3) EXCELLENT! It is definitely worth the price of the course!” Phil, missionary in Ecuador

“I am really impressed with the training materials, depth and well-thought-out information.” Susan, Denver Seminary student

“You’ve given us something that really can affect the kingdom of God.” A ministry leader

“Thank you for the clear, practical, biblical teachings. It is so freeing to be able to enter into a difficult and fragile situation.” A missionary in a creative access country

“Using the principles I learned about loving listening, I led someone to Christ!” A missionary in Western Europe

What People Are Saying about Workshops Using These Materials

Workshops using an earlier version of this book have been taught worldwide to over thirty thousand people. Over five hundred facilitators are trained to lead these workshops.

“This is the most helpful, practical, meaningful and applicable workshop I have ever attended.” George, Evangelical Free Church Mission

“I was so captured by this material that our Church was fortunate enough to host a week-long workshop for thirty-one of our lay caregivers and staff members. We all found it extremely helpful in equipping us in our ministry to others and it has been passed along to many others. More than eleven years later I still find the material beneficial in my personal ministry and as I equip others to minister. The material is as relevant and helpful today as it was then. Most importantly it equips one to develop strategies and skills for managing stress in a life giving manner.” Wayne Cone, Pastor of Pastoral Care, Cypress Bible Church

“This was the best course our seminary has ever had. It was a lot of fun and the students really participated.” Dr. Shehadeh, Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary

“These workshops are a key feature of our leadership development architecture. The practical biblical foundation, skill orientation and adult learning approach are a powerful combination. We believe in these workshops. That’s why we’ve trained a global network of facilitators.” Dr. Ben Sells, Director, International Center for Excellence in Leadership

“I’m working on my doctorate in marriage and family therapy. I have yet to experience anything in my classes that has helped me personally or in my work with people any more than this training.” Dave, missionary and doctoral student in Illinois

“I am 72 and have served God for over twenty-five years and I have never had training like this. The way you give it to us is wonderful.” An Egyptian leader

“Think of how many more people will be won to the kingdom because of this workshop! Satan was pushed back with this workshop and glory came to the Lord in the heavenlies—and will come on earth as these folks follow up on these new relationships.” A missionary to Muslims

“The unanimous expression was, ‘Why haven’t we been presented with this material before?’” —Orman Gwynn, missionary in Costa Rica with International Mission Board

“Thanks for your work for the kingdom. Here’s one youth pastor who will use this for change around him. I’m going to be different, not overnight but over the long haul. Here was a workshop that was not hype, emotions and fluff, but nuts and bolts, hammer and trowel foundational stuff! It needs to be a slow-drip learning for lifelong change.” John, youth pastor in Houston, TX

“I came home refreshed, inspired and ready to love anyone and everyone.” Lee Ann, mother and ministry leader in Houston

“The workshop helped me see the importance of relationship with others at work and home. If I had gone through this before, it would have saved me a lot of sorrow, pain and sleepless nights in dealing with relationships. I’m a better husband, leader and team member because of this workshop.” Doug, missionary in Surinam

“A simple increase in knowledge about relationships isn’t enough to change behavior. Practice is the key and practice is at the core of this workshop. This material applies to every area of my life!” John, human resources director of a large mission organization

“God moved in a beautiful way on Guam. There were many strained relationships and lack of trust among the staff, but as the topics were dealt with, the Holy Spirit moved in the hearts of the people in a beautiful way. People were going to one another seeking to work through their differences and build relationship not just among the staff, but also in marriages and families.” Peter, missionary in Guam

“This past year was a tough one, but this week was a refreshing gift from God!” Cyndi, ministry leader in Houston

“This is the only seminar/workshop I have ever come home from feeling like I could do what they taught because I had done it. A very strong spiritual quality permeated everything we did.” Bartel Morgan, Cypress Bible Church, Houston

“This workshop is the practical application of walking in the Spirit. I want all the people in my area to have this training by the end of the year!” A national leader in Kazakhstan

“My life has been changed. I want to be trained as a facilitator so I can train Arabs all over the Middle East.” A Jordanian leader

“This training should be given to every new Christian in my country.” A leader in Nepal

“The workshop has made a difference in my own life. It led me to self-examination and to return to God’s gracious mercy and power. God bless you.” A missionary in Argentina

“I must say it was the best workshop I’ve ever attended. It has transformed parts of my own personal life. I believe it will be extremely helpful not only for me personally but also for the ministry I’m involved in. The written material is marvelous. Thanks a lot for providing this workshop.” A ministry leader in Nairobi, Kenya

“I came here thinking this was going to help me ‘on the job’ but throughout the week it became more and more obvious that all of this applies to how I interact as a wife and mom! Like it said on one of the last pages: if you don’t practice this at home, don’t export it outside the home! It was like attending a marriage-building seminar—without my spouse!” Karen, missionary in Kenya

Life in Christ’s church is life lived in relationships with other people. Some are close and personal, some are not—but all require an amazing assortment of skills if those relationships are to be a vital and positive reflection of Jesus Christ. There is no church, no pastor, no elder board, no ministry team and no Bible study group that would not profit immensely from this book.

From a solidly biblical platform, it takes a clear and practical look at the major areas that are so critical to any healthy relationship. I have attended my share of “pastor’s conferences” and “how-to sessions” designed to improve various facets of my ministry.

Rarely have I been able to say that what I took away was something I use every single day. However, the tools given at the workshop using these materials are truly everyday tools. I use them in every relationship—from the casual acquaintance to the most intense counseling situation. If the opportunity comes your way to attend a Relationship Resources workshop or host one at your church, do not pass it up! You will be making an investment that guarantees a rich return of healthy, Christ-reflecting relationships.

Pastor Tim Westcott, Senior Pastor of Idyllwild Bible Church, Idyllwild, California


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