Training Topics Workshops Tailored for Your Group

Training Topics

Relationship Resources provides training and workshops specifically tailored for you and your group. Our training topics include personal growth, exploring God’s heart, interpersonal skills and conflict management.

For more information on each of our specific training topics, please follow the links below. Don’t see a training topic listed? Please contact us; we would love to hear about a subject you’re interested in learning more about.

Some of these are available as online courses.


Personal and Spiritual Growth

Discover Joy in the Midst of Trials

Discover areas in your life where God’s joy isn’t allowed to enter. In this class, learn practical suggestions to transform your life. Some topics include finding joy in the midst of trials, overcoming hindrances to joy, and finding joy in all your relationships. Learn more.

Proven Stress Management Skills

In this class, learn about stress and how it affects your life. You will discover six key stress management skills that will help de-stress your life and find balance. Learn more.

Spiritual Warfare for Every Believer

Learn to focus on God’s victory, rather than the enemy, and discover how to deepen your understanding of spiritual warfare. Leave this workshop with tools you can begin using immediately. Learn more.

Deepening Your Relationship with God

In this workshop, discover the richness of God’s character and learn how to see yourself as Father God sees you. Experience comfort, strength and hope from understanding God in new ways. Learn more.

Explore God’s Heart for Israel

Explore God’s Heart for Israel invites you to share in God’s great passion for Israel—and  learn how you can play a part in His plans for the end times. You will learn about His heart for relationships, the end times and for keeping His Word. Learn more.

Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Management and Fundraising

God’s Design for Community 

These powerful keys can transform your relationships. In these interactive workshops, learn practical skills to build trust with others, how to avoid sabotaging your relationships, and problem solving. Learn more.

Reconcilable Differences

Learn powerful, biblical skills to overcome conflict in all types of situations. In these sessions, learn how to confront and respond to verbal confrontation. Learn more.

Living in Community

God wants us to live in community with other Christians in a way that glorifies Him. Many people – both believers and nonbelievers – are turned away from God because of how Christians treat each other. Learn simple ways to attract people, rather than repelling them. Learn more.

Never Have to Do Fundraising Again

Learn how to change the drudgery of fundraising into a joyful ministry. In this workshop, discover practical tips on how to relate to your ministry partners so you don’t have to continue to raise support. Learn more.