Resources for Christian Singles

Powerful Resources for Christian Singles

Do You Want a Thriving Singles Group?

According to in 2012 there were 103,000,000 single adults in the United States. That’s 44% of the adult population. 56,000,000 households were maintained by singles. With these facts, why aren’t there more singles in our churches? And why aren’t more churches reaching out to this demographic?

You can have a powerful ministry if you set it up right and you learn how to attract godly men and women (as well as not-yet-believers with whom you can share Christ.)

Relationship Resources  offers proven resources to equip and empower singles in their relationships with God, themselves and others. These are available as books for small groups as well as training for your group.

Are you single? Do you know how you can make the most of your singleness?

Rather than trying to find a mate, here are some ideas to help you grow personally and spiritually:

  •         Take the time to get to know God better.
  •         Discover how God sees you and learn to understand your identity in Christ.
  •         Grow in your interpersonal skills, learning how to transform your relationships.
  •         Learn how to transform relationship conflict into intimacy.
  •         Apply spiritual warfare principles in prayer for yourself and your family.

Are you looking for a speaker for your next event?

Gaylyn Williams, Relationship Resources’ president, has been single for the past 20 years. She has a powerful story of God’s strength and provision through those years. She shares biblical principles, mixed with humor,  having lived what she teaches.

Kris Harty, a single author and speaker, said, “Gaylyn Williams and her incredible life story and spirit inspire all those who are fortunate enough to hear her speak or read her story. Gaylyn’s humble, but powerful, style is laced with humor, grace, heartache, and joy, while her story embodies adventure, courage, triumph, and tragedy.  By  creatively sharing the lessons she learned along the way, Gaylyn helps the rest of us see how we too can apply those lessons to ease our own burdens.”

Are you running a Divorce Care or Divorce Recovery program?

Relationship Resources offers books and training to supplement what you are doing. Contact us to learn more about additional resources for your group.

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