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or for proven books for women’s small groups?

There are numerous resources available, but how do you determine which are best for your group? For over 40 years, Relationship Resources has been encouraging and equipping women with practical, biblical tools to transform their lives, families and ministries. Gaylyn Williams, Relationship Resources’ president, honestly shares her story of heartache, losses and joy. She brings hope and encouragement to women, while offering powerful resources they can apply immediately to their lives.

After hearing Gaylyn speak, Kimberly Faye, an author and speaker said,

“Is it really possible to live in joy when your life has been riddled with unthinkable pain?  I am awed by a person who has mastered the task. Gaylyn shares a litany of life events that would have sent Goliath spiraling. Much like David the shepherd boy, she faced off with her giant and moved from defeat to victory! Her story held me captive—the unabridged truth came with force and clarity. It was clear she had spent time in the soul’s abyss and came out a shining star. She is amazingly authentic.”

Do the women in your ministry know who God is and how God sees them?

These are critical areas for every woman’s life. When we know who God is and who we are, we are able to better serve God, others and our families.  Our books and training will empower you and your women’s group to grow in their relationships with God, yourself and others.

Are you a women’s ministry leader who is stressed or close to burnout?

You are not alone. Anyone who is in ministry is faced with often overwhelming stress.  There is hope! We offer powerful, proven resources for women’s ministry leaders to help you manage stress and prevent burnout. Did you know stress is normal and up to a point, it is healthy? However, you need tools to be able to work through your stress, so that you don’t burn out. Our tested books and practical workshops will empower you for success in your life and ministry.

How are you relationships with others on your ministry team, in your women’s group or even your family?

Are any of them strained or filled with conflict? One of the biggest ways the enemy attacks women and their families is through relationships. You can learn to recognize the landmines, successfully navigate around them and even transform them into stepping stones for stronger relationships. Training your staff and women in spiritual warfarestress management, interpersonal skills and conflict management can protect you, so you don’t give the enemy an open door to destroy your ministry.

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