Practical, Biblical Resources for Ministry Executives

What challenges are you facing as a ministry executive?

Whether you are a CEO, CFO, board member, etc. you face massive challenges daily.

Relationship Resources (RRI) equips ministry leaders with practical, biblical tools to transform your life, ministry, and families. Our resources are proven to help you be more successful in all you are doing as you relate to God, your family and those who are under your care.

“This is the most biblical, practical, and applicable workshop I’ve EVER attended…” according to
George Warren, Evangelical Free Church Mission about RRI’s workshops.

Are you stressed or close to burnout?

You are not alone. Leading a ministry can be stressful and overwhelming. Over 90% of ministry leaders say they are overstressed. And their families are also affected by the stress of the ministry. Can you relate? You can change the odds by applying a few easy-to-apply biblical principles, tested worldwide, to help you manage stress and prevent burnout. The stress management principles will help you in your personal life, family and ministry.

Stress is normal and healthy—up to a point. However, you need tools to be able to work through your stress, so that you don’t burn out. Our biblical books and practical workshops will empower you for success as a ministry executive.

How are your relationships with people in your ministry or even your family?

Are any filled with conflict? Satan often attacks ministry leaders and their families through relationships. You can learn to recognize and successfully navigate the landmine the enemy sets for you as you sharpen your interpersonal skills and master effective conflict management skills.

Do you know what spiritual warfare God has given you?

You have powerful principles to overcome the enemy. But do you know what they are and how to use them? RRI offers powerful tools to win the spiritual war through books and workshops on spiritual warfare principles.

Training your staff in spiritual warfare, stress management, people skills and conflict management is critical, so you don’t give Satan an open door
to destroy your ministry. RRI has been helping people in ministry for over 40 years.

“A simple increase in knowledge about relationships isn’t enough to change behavior. Practice is the key and practice is at the core of
this workshop. This material applies to every area of my life.”

John, a Human Resources Director in Florida said about Relationship Resources’ workshops.

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