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Do you know why so many pastors are leaving the ministry and what can you do to change the odds?

Pastoral Care Inc. did a survey revealing that over 1700 pastors were leaving the ministry every single month. You can change the odds by applying a few easy-to-apply biblical principles that have been tested worldwide.

Relationship Resources empowers and equips pastors with practical, biblical tools to transform your life, ministry, families, staff and congregation. We offer free (and paid) resources for pastors proven to reduce stress, build strong relationships in the body and manage conflict.

Are you a pastor who is stressed or close to burnout?

You are not alone.  Over 90% of pastors say they are overstressed, working 55-75 hours a week. 94% of clergy families feel the stress of the ministry. There is hope! We offer powerful, proven resources for pastors to help you manage stress and prevent burnout. The principles will help you in your personal life, family and church.

Did you know stress is normal and up to a point, stress is healthy?

However, you need tools to be able to work through your stress, so that you don’t burn out. Our tested books and practical workshops will empower you for success as a pastor.

Tim Westcott, Pastor of Idyllwild Bible Church said, “Serving as a pastor for nearly thirty years, I am always on the lookout for those resources that are solidly rooted in Scripture and intensely practical for myself and for those to whom I minister.  I was first exposed to these principles more than fifteen years ago. The bottom line: They work! Because the principles flow out of God’s Word, they are timeless and relevant in any context. And the principles are easy to grasp and easy to hand off to others.”

How are you relationships with people in your church or even your family?

Are any of them strained or filled with conflict? One of the biggest ways the enemy attacks pastors and their families is through relationships. Many don’t recognize the landmines the enemy sets for pastors and others serving the Lord. You can learn to recognize the landmines, successfully navigate around them and even transform them into stepping stones for stronger relationships.

Do you know how to use your spiritual warfare tools to fight Satan as you serve God?

God has given us easy-to-apply principles to overcome the enemy. Do you know what they are and how to use them? Relationship Resources offers powerful tools to win the war with the enemy in spiritual warfare.

Training your staff and congregation in spiritual warfare, stress management, people skills and conflict management can protect you, so you don’t give the enemy an open door to destroy your ministry. Relationship Resources has been helping people in ministry, including pastors, with these skills for over 40 years worldwide. The principles have been tested and proven for over 85 years by the authors and trainers.

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