All Stressed Up and Everywhere to Go!


Solutions to De-Stressing Your Life and Recovering Your Sanity

In today’s fast-paced world, stress is all around you. From daily hassles to life-changing events, All Stressed Up and Everywhere to Go! gives you easy-to-use skills to find a balance and de-stress your life.

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All Stressed Up and Everywhere to Go!

De-Stress Your Life and Recover Your Sanity

From the daily hassles to the catastrophic events, empower yourself to live a balanced, stress-free life. Discover easy–to-use skills enabling you to gain greater freedom from life’s ups and down. In today’s fast-paced, overworked world, stress is all around us: the economy, finances, raising children, health, jobs, school, family or lack of it, elderly parents, divorce, tragedy, debt, death, and conflict.

This unique self-improvement book uses Biblical principles to help us find spiritual, emotional, and physical balance. Filled with stories and thought-provoking questions, this study is helpful for individuals or groups.

These practical skills have been proven worldwide with tens of thousands of people. The authors honestly share their personal experiences with major and minor stress. To learn more about stress management, check out our Trainings on Stress.

Foreword by Jerry Bridges, Staff Development with the Navigators and Author of over 15 books, including The Pursuit of Holiness, which has sold over one 1,000,000 copies.

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What people are saying about this book:

“I recommend you take the time to read this important book. Stress can ruin your life, but Jesus offers a better way The Biblical solutions and personal truths in this book can set your heart, mind and soul free. This book is a timely remedy for a culture consumed with pressure, over-scheduling, impossible deadlines and sleepless nights full of anxiety. Read and be restored to the life God intended.”
—Gary Wilkerson, President of World Challenge and Pastor of The Springs Church

“Ken and daughter, Gaylyn, have teamed up to provide an excellent resource for believers who want to de-stress their lives through the application of God’s Word mixed with healthy counseling principles.”
—Bob Creson, President and CEO, Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

“All Stressed up and Everywhere to Go is a refreshingly simple book filled with usable, practical advice in dealing with the stressors of life. It is rich in biblical content and will lead the reader to a place of hope and balance. This is a tool that I will personally use! I have used many of these principles over the years and found them to be profitable when applied on a consistent basis.”
—George Stahnke, Director of Renewal Ministries of Colorado Springs

“Serving as a pastor for nearly thirty years, I am always on the lookout for those resources that are solidly rooted in Scripture and intensely practical for myself and for those to whom I minister. The bottom line: They work! Because the principles flow out of God’s Word, they are timeless and relevant in any context. And thanks to the authors’ special knack for clear communication, the principles are easy to grasp and easy to hand off to others who are in the ‘stress crucible.’”
—Tim Westcott, Pastor of Idyllwild Bible Church

“This father/daughter writing team have produced something profoundly useful for the Christian community. It will bless and help anyone who studies it. Ken is a legend in Wycliffe Bible Translators. My husband and I have known him for 40 years. He lives the principles expressed in this book. So does Gaylyn. The diversity of their experience strengthens the book and enhances its usefulness. Authentic, soundly practical, occasionally funny, often heart-wrenching—you’ll love it!”
—Laura May Gardner, International Training Consultant for Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International

“I was so captured by this material that our Church hosted a week long workshop in which 27 of our lay caregivers and 4 vocational staff members participated and received training in this material. We all found it extremely helpful in equipping us in our ministry to others and it has been passed along to many others. More than 11 years later I still find the material beneficial in my personal ministry and as I equip others to minister. The material is as relevant and helpful today as it was then. Most importantly it equips one to develop strategies and skills for managing stress in a life giving manner.”
—Wayne Cone, Pastor of Pastoral Care, Cypress Bible Church

“Gaylyn and Ken remind us that life without stress is no life at all. This book is the best material I have found on handling stress. The principles are solidly Biblical. They are born out of real life experience facing stress. This is a book that I will encourage all of our missionaries (in TEAM) to get and work through. I am grateful for this new resource that they can use. Thank you again for this book and the potential it has to help missionaries and many others with their stress.”
—Steven G. Edlin MA LCPC MFT, Counseling Director, TEAM

“When Dr. Ken Williams shared this material, a light came on. For the first time many of our workers had some effective tools to help them deal with the very considerable stresses that cross-cultural service inevitably involves. I am thrilled that Ken and Gaylyn have teamed up to make this material available in book form. I commend the book to all who are involved in Christian service, however, every believer would benefit from this material.“
—Frank Hoskin, Director, Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia

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