Proven Resources for Small Groups

Are you looking for proven resources for leading small groups or training leaders for small groups?

So often people are thrust into leading life groups with little or no training. The results can be disastrous. Leaders can burn out and group members can be hurt and can then hurt others. It is imperative that all small group leaders have practical training on how to lead groups. Relationship Resources has been training group leaders for over 20 years in principles for adult learning.

“I have three things to say about your material: 1) excellent 2) Excellent 3) EXCELLENT!! It is definitely worth the price of the course!” Phil, a ministry leader in Ecuador.

What are the secrets for transforming lives in your small groups?

There are some very powerful secrets to leading dynamic groups where people want to return regularly. Do you know the best ways to engage people in groups so they feel safe and secure to share openly? If not, you could be shutting people down.

Are you looking for biblical resources for how to lead your groups more effectively?

Relationship Resources has a workbook with proven principles to lead engaging small groups. (Coming Soon.) We also do training for small group leaders.

Are you looking for a unique small group study for your group?

There are numerous resources available, but how do you determine which are best for your group?

For over 40 years, Relationship Resources has been encouraging and equipping people with practical, biblical tools to transform their lives, families and ministries. We offer the following small group studies:

  •         Keys to Joy
  •         The Surprising Joy of Exploring God’s Heart
  •         The Surprising Joy of Discovering How God Sees You
  •         Battlefield Strategies for Every Believer

Our biblical books and practical workshops will empower you for success in your life and ministry.

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