Workshop on Fundraising

Never Have to Do Fundraising Again!

Practical Fundraising Tips You Can Immediately Use

Are you struggling to raise and maintain your support? There is hope! This practical workshop empowers individuals and groups to learn how to change the drudgery of fundraising into a joyful ministry. It includes biblical principles, thought-provoking questions and powerful stories from people who have successfully applied the principles.

This training is also available in an online course.

In this session, change your outlook on fundraising and learn how to:

  • Convert one time gifts into lifetime support
  • Experience the amazing power of gratitude to motivate people
  • Employ effective communication skills—both written and verbal
  • Utilize proven strategies to spend less time, effort and money on fundraising
  • Cultivate life-long ministry partners and close friends
  • Inspire your partners to become your best recruiters for more support

This workshop has opportunities to discuss the principles in groups as well as to practically apply them in each person’s situation. You can learn how to successfully raise fundraising and maintain your support.

What this workshop includes:

  • 1-6 hours of personal, interactive training with Gaylyn Williams
  • Handouts for each participant
  • Opportunities to develop deeper relationships as you discuss the principles in small groups
  • Time to role-play the skills
  • Discount code to buy a copy of Never Do Fundraising Again

This teaching is based on the best-selling book, Never Do Fundraising Again: A Paradigm Shift from Donors to Lifelong Partners.

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