Other Topics on Community

What is a Community?

It is anywhere believers are gathered: family, church, Bible study, home group, ministry, etc. Consider the communities you are involved in. Would people be attracted to the Lord through how you treat each other?

These are more topics that can be added to a workshop on God’s Design for Community.

How to Assist People in Crisis

People often associate grief only with death; however any significant loss can bring about grief and needs appropriate grief work. The focus of this session is understanding grief, not only for managing our own grief well, but also to enable us to more effectively help others manage theirs. The group examines each stage of the grief process and considers the importance of not skipping any stages. The session ends with an opportunity for participants to talk in pairs about something they are grieving.

How to Encourage Others

Encouraging others is “love with feet on it.” This session leads participants through an understanding of why encouragement is so important. They have the opportunity to explore practical ways to encourage others in small groups and the large group. Participants leave with a fresh understanding of the incredible results that can come from a small investment of time and energy through encouragement.

In this practical, interactive workshop, learn how to encourage others, build trust as a community, and see ourselves as God sees us. Learning to live as Christ lived is important for living together in a community. We’ll also explore on how to deal with judgement, gossip, and slander.

What this workshop includes:

  • 2-6 hours of interactive training with Gaylyn with whole group and small group interaction
  • Opportunities to develop deeper relationships as you study the Bible and discuss the principles in small groups
  • Handouts for each participant include each skill we will address, to take notes and keep for further study
  • Time to reflect on what God is saying to each person and write down what they want to begin doing differently as a result of this class
  • Discount code to buy a copy of God’s Design for Community

This session can be paired along with interpersonal skills and conflict management.

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