Relationship with Others

Relationship Resources has been doing training on relationships with others for the past 40 years worldwide for missionaries, churches and other ministries. All workshops or seminars are based on biblical principles with practical applications.

The following are some of the individual sessions. You can pick which ones you would like for your group’s workshop. We will work with you to create the best workshop for you. You can find other workshops on interpersonal skills and conflict management.

Living in Community

How does God want you to treat other believers? In this workshop, you’ll look at how people can destroy trust and ways you can build trust with others. You’ll discover how applying each part of Colossians 3:12-14 can transform your relationships. This session focuses on how to build our relationships as well as how we might be destroying them–with family, friends, other believers or business contacts. Learn how to apply God’s Word in all your relationships to build greater intimacy.

How to Build Trust for Healthier Relationships

Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship, including family, work, friendships, and even God! Yet trust has so often been broken that many find it hard to trust anyone. This session considers the significance of being able to trust others, as well as being trustworthy ourselves. It looks at things we do to destroy trust, and things that build trust. Building trust is important both on the individual level and on an organizational level. The materials include worksheets on building trust with issues to consider on our own and also issues to discuss with family, friends or co-workers. If the workshop is for leaders, this module will include a session focusing on building trust on an organizational level.

How to Encourage Others

Encouraging others is “love with feet on it.” This session leads participants through an understanding of why encouragement is so important. They have the opportunity to explore practical ways to encourage others in small groups and the large group. Participants leave with a fresh understanding of the incredible results that can come from a small investment of time and energy through encouragement.