Missionaries Long-term and Short Term

Proven Resources for Missionaries

What are your greatest challenges as a missionary or a mission leader?

Stress, relationships, conflict, low support and spiritual warfare are all challenges that missionaries face, often on a daily basis. Relationship Resources equips missionaries and cross cultural workers to withstand the many stresses and conflicts of life in full-time ministry. These resources for long-term or short-term missionaries will help you in your ministry, personal life and relationship with God.

Some of our resources for ministries include Biblical books and practical trainings and workshops. Here are some resources that may also help you:


What are some of the pitfalls you might encounter as a missionary?

There are numerous pitfalls you might encounter. If you don’t know what they are, you can’t be prepared to navigate them successfully. Relationship Resources equips long-term and short-term missionaries as you prepare to serve God and then as you go on your mission trip. Our resources will help you in your ministry, personal life and relationship with God. The principles have been tested and proven for over 85 years by the authors and trainers.

Are you dealing with stress or burnout?

Are you wondering if it is worth being a long-term missionary or if you should just give up? There is hope! We offer powerful, proven resources for career missionaries to help you manage stress and prevent burnout. We have both tested books and practical workshops to empower you for success as a missionary.

Dr. Kelly O’Donnell and Dr. Michèle Lewis O’Donnell, Consulting Psychologists with Member Care Associates, Inc.     said about Relationship Resources, “[you] will appreciate the personal anecdotes and practical content, the wealth of useful guidelines and Scriptural principles, the group interaction and application items, the emphasis on making healthy choices and changes in one’s life right now, and the  opportunities for developing further skills to help oneself, children, and others deal with life’s demands.”

How are your relationships with other missionaries, people on your team and with those your serve?

Are any of them strained or filled with conflict? Relationship Resources has been helping missionaries deal with  interpersonal skills, including conflict management, for over 40 years worldwide.

Is your ministry support low?

Are you tired of continually doing fundraising? Never Do Fundraising Again: A Paradigm Shift from Donors to Lifelong Partners is available as a book, online training and in-person training on how to raise your financial support and maintain it over the long haul. The principles have been tested and proven for over 85 years by the authors and trainers.

Does Satan ever seem to be winning the war?

God has given us easy-to-apply principles to overcome the enemy. Find out how to use these tools through spiritual warfare book or spiritual warfare training. Contact us to discover how we can empower your mission through our books or training.

Laura Mae Gardner, D.Min., International Training Consultant for Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International said about our books and training, “Authentic, soundly practical, occasionally funny, often heart-wrenching—you’ll love it!”