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Relationship Resources provides resources to help empower people in all their relationships – with God, family and friends, coworkers, and ministry partners. We would like to give you a gift of three free eBooks, written by Ken Williams, Ph.D. and Gaylyn Williams. Please fill out the form below to receive a copy of:

image of book cover for Unlocking Joy by Gaylyn R. Williams

Discover practical principles to help find and keep joy even during hard times.

image of book cover for De-Stress Your Life by Gaylyn R. Williams

Learn powerful, biblical skills to help you de-stress your life.

Explore Biblical skills you can apply in any relational conflict.

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Want Another 50-Page Free eBook on Nonverbal Communication?

Harness the Power of Nonverbal Communication is a 50-page free eBook that helps you in all your relationships. If you would like a copy of the free eBook you have to do two things:

Once you send us an email, you’ll receive a free copy of Harness the Power of Nonverbal Communication.

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