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We are getting ready to launch two new books: God’s Design for Community and Reconcilable Differences. We’d love to give you a copy of one or both of them. I’m excited about these books’ potential to transform relationships and communities. I know the principles work, because they have been proven worldwide with over 40,000 people in “Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills” (SYIS) workshops! My dad, Ken Williams, PhD and I wrote the materials for the workshops.

How to Get Free BooksGod's Design for Community

Here are some ways you can get a free copy of one or both of them:

  • If you’ve been through a SYIS workshop, would you send me a paragraph or two about how the workshop and/or materials impacted your life or others you know? If you send something I can use, I’ll send you a copy of the book it appears in. You don’t have to write it perfectly! I can edit it.
  • Send one or more stories about relationships that I can use in one of the books. Learn more. I can edit your stories.
  • Give me a new idea to spread the word about the books, which brings sales of the books.
  • Get me an interview on radio or TV, a review of one of the books somewhere with a large audience, and/or an opportunity to do a guest blog for you or someone you know, etc.
  • Introduce me to a pastor, ministry leader or business owner who might be interested in the books (and he or she buys books). You could also introduce me to any larger LinkedIn or Facebook groups who might be interested in the books; or anyone else who has an audience that might be interested.
  • Share this post with your network on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Any other ideas you may have? I’m open.

I’ll send you a free PDF of whichever book you help me get the word out for. However, if you do two or more of the above, I’ll send you a hard copy of the book(s). Let me know your ideas by replying to this post or sending me an email.

You can learn more at, as well as see some of the many endorsements I already have. You can get a free sample of the books on that page or in the right column of this page.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to giving you one or both free books!


Gaylyn Williams