Pastor’s Stress-Management Tips

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Are you a pastor who is stressed or close to burnout?

You are not alone.  Over 90% of pastors say they are over-stressed, often working 55-75 hours a week. 94% of clergy families feel the stress of the ministry. Over 1700 pastors leave the ministry every single month. There is hope!

Relationship Resources offers powerful, proven resources for pastors to help you manage stress and prevent burnout. The practical principles will help you in your personal life, family and church. The easy-to-apply biblical principles that have been tested with over 30,000 people worldwide.

Steve Koeppen, a pastor-to-pastors, is joining us!Steve Koeppen

Steve served in several senior pastorates, the majority of them in Colorado. He has a passion to encourage pastors, individuals and ministries through the everyday challenges. He graduated from Denver Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in 1980 with degrees in pastoral ministry/care and counseling. In 1975, he married his wife, Linda, whom he met his wife in college.

Steve was on staff and began the Church Relations Department at the International Bible Society, now Biblica. As the Church-Relations Representative, he spoke in over 670 churches in the U.S., Russia and the Ukraine. He has conducted seminars at numerous church conferences and done radio and television interviews. Steve has also served on staff and represented Focus on the Family.

In February 2012, Steve started Living Way Ministries which offers guest-speaking in churches and ministries, and at special events like retreats and leadership conferences. Steve presents uplifting, Biblical, practical messages that motivate followers of Jesus Christ to “be the church” in today’s society. Steve believes that the Word of God is God’s plan and standard for living, and his messages are based on His principles, not human standards. He emails a monthly newsletter to over 1500 constituents.

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More statistics on pastor’s stress:

Look at the following statistics from Pastoral Care Inc. These reveal just a few of the stressors pastors and others in ministry face. How many can you relate to?

  •  33% say their ministry is an outright hazard to their family.
  • 75% have experienced a significant stress-related crisis at least once in their ministry.
  • 70% feel grossly underpaid.
  • 80% of pastor’s spouses feel their spouse is overworked.
  • Stress and burnout is one of the leading causes for ministers to leave the ministry.
  • Many pastor’s children no longer attend church anymore because of negative experiences growing up.

What issues are you dealing with right now? What is stressing you? While things may seem hopeless at times, there is great hope in God. Now more than ever, we need skills to help us work through our stress. The good news is that God gave us some amazing tools in His Word. We can’t change most stress situations, but we can change how they will affect us.

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