The Surprising Joy Devotional Journal I


Learn to grow deeper in your relationship with God through devotional journaling. In this 365 daily devotional journal, discover a new name of God and enhance your intimacy with Him. Each day has a name of God, Scripture reference, and space to write your thoughts.

Pair this journal with the daily devotional, The Surprising Joy of Exploring God’s Heart: A Daily Adventure with 365 of His Names.

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The Surprising Joy Devotional Journal I

Discover God’s Names Through Daily Devotional Journaling

This unique devotional journal contains 365 names of God directly from the Bible. Uncover daily encouragement as you dig deeper into who God is and how He relates to you personally. This guided devotional journal will help you:

  • Discover new insights into your awesome God as you meditate on His names
  • Experience comfort, strength and hope from understanding God’s character
  • Expand your vision for God’s power, majesty and greatness
  • Enjoy a growing passion for God through praise and worship
  • Transform your prayer life and strengthen your faith

This simple, yet powerful tool will empower you to climb to new heights in your relationship with God. It can be used alone or along with the daily devotional, The Surprising Joy of Exploring God’s Heart: A Daily Adventure with 365 of His Names. The devotional includes questions and thoughts to meditate on, the Greek or Hebrew names on many of them and prayers to make each name come alive for you.

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What people are saying about the devotional that goes with this book:

“Gaylyn Williams has done a remarkable job of identifying and explaining the various names God uses to describe Himself.”
–Jerry Bridges, Author of The Pursuit of Holiness

“Gaylyn Williams helps us know God better by revealing his character and nature. Take the time to read this book and you will be changed.”
—Gary Wilkerson, President, World Challenge; Lead Pastor, The Springs Church

“It seems our Creator puts a lot of stock in names. I’m sure He knows my name but do I know His? This exceptional daily devotional reveals God’s character. What a relationship builder is this guide to all who want to draw closer to God. And when we draw closer to Him, ‘blessings’ happen.”
—Chuck Asay, Syndicated Editorial Cartoonist

“These brief meditations are geared specifically to the contemporary believer’s busy life. Gaylyn shares 365 ways God is addressed in Scripture. And she invites busy Christians (me…you) to engage in understanding God more intimately. These brief, to the point page-long meditations and Gaylyn’s questions urge the reader toward application to personal life in the 21st Century.”
—Sandra T. Auer, Campus Crusade for Christ, Member Care

“Gaylyn’s fresh approach to learning and honoring the names of God is a powerful and practical tool for better knowing our Father in Heaven. The unique daily format provides teachings and practical applications that guide the reader into a deeper and higher relationship with the Father. This is a nightstand tool, a daily must read, and can be used year after year without exhausting your understanding of God.”
—Amy Everette, Director, Colorado Concert of Prayer

“As I studied this book, I oft found myself laughing, shouting and crying with joy as the Holy Spirit would overwhelm me with the greatness of Who God is. I urge you, to use this book along with your Bible, read it daily, study it and meditate on Him, the God who is Love (1John 4:16).”
—Steven R Sherwood, Sr. Pastor Fairview Baptist Church, Kokomo, IN

“God has used this book to lovingly bring hope and refreshing back into my heart and home. Through the easy to read format, heartfelt prayers and pointed questions, I have slowed down enough to fix my gaze upon the All-sufficient One. What joy to rest in His presence.”
—Evelyn Sherwood,

“I’ve always found great joy in exploring God’s unique identity and have studied it often. But this book has opened my eyes in new ways to appreciate who He is, and to love Him more than ever. Each day is a heart-warming adventure as I come to know Him more, and examine my relationship with Him in new ways.”
—Ken Williams

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