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Do you need to de-stress your life?

Consider the following questions:

  • Are you experiencing physical, emotional or relational symptoms that are a direct result of being overstressed? Do you know what those symptoms are?
  • Could your perception of your situation be affecting your stress levels?
  • Would you like to discover new resources to help you manage your stress?
  • Do you ever feel like you are going crazy because you are so overwhelmed by life?
  • What if you could find some simple yet powerful ways to de-stress your life? Would they be worth trying?

Stress Management Skills

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we challenge you to take control of your life! You’ll discover seven practical, proven strategies to help you embrace a balanced, victorious life.

People of all ages and situations experience stress, but it doesn’t have to get you down. In fact, stress can actually improve your life! Discover simple, yet amazing ways to make stress work for you – not against you.

In this class you will learn about stress and how it can affect your life. You will also practice six key stress management skills that will empower you to De-Stress Your Life today and in the future. You will then discuss and work through ways to keep balance in your life, so you can keep from getting too overwhelmed.

What this workshop includes:

  • 3-6 hours of interactive training with Gaylyn Williams
  • Handouts for each participant
  • Self-assessments to discover how you are managing your stress and how close to burnout you may be
  • Opportunities to discuss and practice each skill, working through your stress
  • This information is also available in a book, All Stressed Up and Everywhere to Go and an online course

52 stress tips

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