Surprised by Joy

Are You Looking for Joy?

Join the crowd. Everyone searches for joy. Many seek it through health clubs, work, success, money, material possessions, and relationships, yet they discover that “things” don’t bring joy. Life’s struggles rob many of this mysterious fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22). Consistent joy is a choice made moment-by-moment through application of clear biblical principles.

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Are Trials Stealing Your Joy?

Whenever we face challenges or losses in our relationships, finances, careers or health, the first casualty is often our joy. Gaylyn Williams transparently shares how she rediscovered her joy in the midst of heartbreaking experiences including her son’s terminal illness and her fiancés tragic death. As she draws upon her own poignant stories, you’ll discover practical principles you can use to reclaim joy despite whatever challenges you may be facing.

No matter what you’re going through, you can be surprised by joy!

What this workshop includes:

  • 1-8 hours of interactive training with Gaylyn Williams through whole group and small group interaction and practical teaching
  • Opportunities to develop deeper relationships as you study the Word and discuss the principles taught in small groups
  • Handouts for each participant include each key to joy we will address, for them to to take notes and keep for further study
  • Time to reflect on what God is saying to each person and write down what they want to begin doing differently as a result of this class
  • Discount code to buy a copy of Keys to Joy

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Learn more about how Relationship Resources can help you discover God’s unending joy. This session can be done along with the workshop on Growing in Intimacy with God.

Get a free eBook, Unlocking Joy, to help you discover greater joy in life.

See what others are saying about Keys to Joy and the principles in this course

“John records a wonderful statement made by Jesus, “I have told you these things so that you will be filled with my joy. Yes, your joy will overflow! (John 15:11 NLT) Jesus wants our joy to overflow. What are these things that Jesus spoke of? In this book, Keys to Joy, Ken and Gaylyn Williams, the father-daughter writing team, do us a favor by reminding us of the things that lead to joy in the Christian life. Based on the study of God’s Word, the contents of this book will lead the reader to a greater sense of who God is, and a deep abiding peace in the One who loves us and wants a relationship with his children.” – Bob Creson, President/CEO of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

“In the midst of a world filled with broken promises and elusive dreams, Keys to Joy provides powerful clarity to obtaining lasting joy. Each chapter contains poignant narrative packed with spiritual truth and practical application. Everyone desires joy, but few discover the key to obtaining it. Keys to Joy unlocks the mystery of joy’s obscurity by providing 12 surprising truths. It’s a must read for every avid “joy” seeker.” –Julie Gorman, FYI Founder and Executive Director

“Joy is one of the fruits of the spirit which I find so challenging to allow to grow in my life, especially during times of uncertainty and pain. Guilt and condemnation seem to follow during these difficult times. With much hope, Gaylyn and Ken, share not only their personal struggles on their journey to joy, but practical steps to allow joy to flourish in even the most challenging times.” – Evelyn Sherwood, Ministry Leader, Minister’s Wife, Mother, and Grandmother

“‘The choice to rejoice.’ That phrase reverberates in my heart since reading this delightful, scriptural study on the keys to Joy. Ken and Gaylyn share personal experiences and give practical, biblical advice (keys) to help believers unlock the door to true joy.” – Steven Sherwood Sr., Senior Pastor of Fairview Baptist Church