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Relationship Resources provides practical, biblical resources, proven world-wide for the past 30+ years. We offer books and training, designed to empower you as a ministry leader, your ministry as a whole, individually and  your families.

Some of our resources for ministries include (click each link to learn more):

What others are saying about our books and training

Bob Creson, President and CEO Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, said,

Dr. Ken Williams is an expert in dealing with issues related to stress and its impact on our lives. He draws from a deep well as he writes having spent years as a Wycliffe missionary himself, and then as a counselor to missionaries. He combines his life experience, professional training, and academic credentials to co-author a book full of solid advice. He and daughter, Gaylyn, have teamed up to provide an excellent resource for believers who want to de-stress their lives through the application of God’s Word mixed with healthy counseling principles.

Laura Mae Gardner, D.Min., International Training Consultant for Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International said,

This father/daughter writing team have produced something profoundly useful for the Christian community. It will bless and help anyone who studies it. Ken is a legend in Wycliffe Bible Translators. My husband and I have known him for 40 years. He lives the principles expressed in this book. So does Gaylyn. The diversity of their experience strengthens the book and enhances its usefulness. Authentic, soundly practical, occasionally funny, often heart-wrenching—you’ll love it!

Dr. Kelly O’Donnell and Dr. Michèle Lewis O’Donnell, Consulting Psychologists, Member Care Associates, Inc. said about All Stressed up and Everywhere to Go:

This is a well-written and well-organized workbook for dealing with stress, maintaining balance, and growing as a person. We commend it for how helpfully and creatively it is woven together. Readers will appreciate the personal anecdotes and practical content, the wealth of useful guidelines and Scriptural principles, the group interaction and application items in each chapter, the emphasis on making healthy choices and changes in one’s life right now, and the opportunities for developing further skills to help oneself, children, and others deal with life’s demands. This book is like cool water to thirsty souls! May it travel far and wide. Our heartfelt thanks to you, Gaylyn and Ken!

George Warren with Evangelical Free Church Mission, said about our workshops:

This is the most biblical, practical, and applicable workshop I’ve EVER attended…

Professor Amman Jordan said about tour workshops, which were done as a college class:

This was the best course we have ever had at our university. It is a lot of fun and the students are really participating.