Are you looking for a unique gift?

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Are you looking for a unique gift?Never Do Fundraising Again

Are you looking for a unique gift for missionaries or even for others?

Never Do Fundraising Again: A Paradigm Shift from Donors to Lifelong Partners  makes a unique gift for any missionaries who have to raise their own support. This book will help them to stop wasting so much of their valuable time having to raise support. It will also help to reduce their stress they experience in doing fundraising. See the excerpt at the bottom of this blog/email.

This book is not just for missionaries who are raising their own support. Look at what a business owner said. Also, if you are a missionary, consider this: after Joy read this book, she decided to start supporting our ministry monthly!!  Consider giving this book to your partners and potential partners. See below.

“This is an amazing book and is so motivating. It is so easy to read. It was hard for me to even put down! You have done a remarkable job! One of the things that also gave so much credence to this book is how each point is supported not only by the Scripture but also by experience. I believe that this book has the opportunity to challenge and revolutionize the whole arena of raising support for ministries. I pray that people the world around will learn the importance of partnering with supporters and seeing them as an integral part of their ministry. As a child and young adult, I saw this in my parent’s ministry and appreciated the deep, lifelong friendships that they made! They lived a true example of this book.”

—Joy Coker, Business Owner and Ministry Partner

Go to for more information and to order it. For a limited time, I am offering a Buy One Get One Free deal. Order the book on our website, without using any discount codes. Immediately send us an email (to telling us that you ordered it and would like two copies. We will then send you two copies for the price of one, with the shipping cost the same as one book too. It is a better deal than half price!!

Excerpt from Never Do Fundraising Again:

“At the beginning of our missionary career, we focused quite a bit on the money we received from partners. But as the years went by and we saw God so faithfully supply every need, our focus turned almost exclusively to the incredible joy of sharing our lives with precious lifelong friends. We’ll share more about this throughout the book.

It can be too easy to get into a mindset that says, “We’re the getters and others are the givers.” Or, “Our job is to get and our partners’ job is to give.”

At first, it seems odd to think about relating to partners as a God-given ministry, not an added burden. It’s not about getting support. It’s about having a whole different group of people to minister to over the years. We often have a longer term relationship with our partners than to others we minister to.”

Blessings on you as you serve the Lord,

Gaylyn Williams, author of 2031 Names of God: Change Your Life! Get to Know God in Fresh New Ways and The Surprising Joy of Exploring God’s Heart: A Daily Adventure with 365 of His Names