Are you using your spiritual warfare weapons?

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Are you using your spiritual warfare weapons?

Excerpted from Battlefield Strategies for Every Believer: A Biblical Guide to Spiritual WarfareBattlefield Strategies for Every Believer


Consider this story from Pastor Steve Sherwood:

In the early nineties we had a young college graduate living with us while she tried to figure out what God had for her next. She was a delightful lady with a strong desire to follow God. However, while at work one day, someone offered to read her palm and she allowed him to do so. In that moment something demonic got a hold on her.

She came home that evening and the demon manifested. She sat on our living room floor with her knees pulled up to her chin and began slowly spinning around in a circle. She accused each of us present of different sins.

Quite honestly, I didn’t want my sin exposed this way, so I began rebuking this thing in the Name of Jesus—at least I was using those words. I was angry and full of fear. I railed against this demon, but it just kept up its attack. Nothing seemed to be working. The few adults who were present all took the same approach.

I stepped out of the room and asked the Lord why we had no victory over this thing. Immediately I sensed the Spirit of God say, “Agree with your adversary while you are in the way with him (Matthew 5:25), and then start singing about the blood of Jesus.”

When I returned to the room, she looked at me and in a voice not her own said, “You want her, don’t you? You lust after her, don’t you?” I calmly replied, “You are absolutely right. I am a lustful, sinful man, but Jesus paid the penalty for my sin. It’s all under His blood.” I started singing every song I could think of about the blood of Jesus and the others joined in singing with me. She became silent and then started to sob. She said, “It’s gone, it’s gone. It left while you were all singing about His blood.”

My anger did nothing, but the powerful Name and blood of Jesus, when wielded calmly and humbly, sent the enemy running.

That powerful story is a reminder to use the weapons God has given us. Getting angry with the enemy rarely, if ever, will help set people free. When we get irritated with him, he knows we are out of control, so it is easy for him to win.

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Pastor Sherwood is the Senior Pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in Kokomo, IN. Used by permission.

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