Dress for War

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Dress for War

Excerpted from Battlefield Strategies for Every Believer, a practical guide to spiritual warfare

Clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ,

and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh.

Romans 13:14 NIV

Before we put on our armor, we need to put on our clothes. Imagine putting armor on when you are naked. Yuck! Just like we wouldn’t dream of not putting on physical clothes—well, most of us wouldn’t anyway—we need to get in the habit of putting on our spiritual clothes. Get to the point where you feel naked without them.

When I was a child at boarding school, one of our favorite pastimes was to play dress up. We got out all sorts of clothes, shoes, wigs andPlaying dress up purses that were specifically for playing. What fun we had! Often we dressed up as princesses or queens. Some were policemen, firemen or hair dressers. We took on new personalities, depending on how we were dressed. Voices and actions were transformed. When we were dressed up, we acted differently. We took on new power and authority, depending on what we were wearing. (The picture is my sister Joy and I. Guess which one is me!)

God has given you new clothes to wear. His salvation made you His child; therefore you are a princess or a prince. Your Father is the King. Do you dress and act like you are a child of the King?

When we put on our spiritual clothing, it should change us—how we respond, how we see ourselves and how we see others. Our actions should match the clothes we are wearing.

What kind of clothes are you wearing today? Are you dressed like a pauper or like a prince? Do you feel powerless or powerful? Do you act loving and kind or harsh and cruel?

Are you wearing the new clothes God has given you? Why or why not?

What is the purpose of clothing? Here are a few of the purposes. It

  • shelters us from the elements—wind, rain and sun;
  • protects us from rough surfaces, plants or insects;
  • insulates us from the cold or heat;
  • provides modesty.
  • What else?

Just as physical clothes can protect us, our spiritual clothes also protect us and can even hide us from the enemy.


You can learn more in my book, Battlefield Strategies for Every Believer.

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