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Excerpted  from The Surprising Joy of Exploring God’s Heart

A Daily Adventure with 365 of His Names

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All your salvation wonders are on display in your trophy room.

Earth-Tamer, Ocean-Pourer, Mountain-Maker, Hill-Dresser.

Psalm 65:5-6 (MSG)

Steps on Your Journey to Know God More Intimately:

  • For the next few days, we’ll be looking at the names in this verse from the Message.
  • Meditate on this name: Earth-Tamer.
  • How does God tame the earth?
  • What difference does it make to you that God is the Earth-Tamer?
  • How can you praise God today with this name?

A Prayer for You:

Earth-Tamer, I praise You because You are the God who is over all the earth. Since You have the power to tame the earth, I know You have the power to handle anything and everything that comes into my life. Thank You.


Steven Sherwood Sr., Pastor of Fairview Baptist Church said this about Keys to Joy:

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Blessings on you as you get to know God,

Gaylyn Williams, co-author of Keys to Joy: How to Unlock God’s Gift of Lasting Happiness

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