Get the Reconcilable Differences Handbook at no cost

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Get the Reconcilable Differences Handbook at no cost


Click the following link to get the eBook Reconcilable Differences for free. It offers practical help on how to handle conflict.


The following is excerpted from Reconcilable Differences, written by Ken Williams, Ph.D. and Gaylyn Williams


Conflict is inevitable anywhere there are people—with family, friends, at church, in the community, and in business. It can either devastate or strengthen relationships. Proven biblical principles guide churches, ministries and individuals to transform conflict into strong, God-honoring relationships.

While conflict is common even in the body of Christ, it doesn’t have to be debilitating. Conflicts are not des­tructive in themselves. The way they are handled determines how negative or positive they are. If a conflict between two people isn’t properly resolved it can contaminate an entire family, business, congregation or ministry.

Dealing with conflict is rarely easy. However, personal and ministry success is determined to a large degree by how skillfully people transform conflict into a catalyst for building strong relationships.

Here are some ways you may experience conflict:

  • Within your family—with your spouse and/or children
  • With your board of directors
  • With one person or group—either within or outside of your ministry
  • Conflict with church or ministry members over vision
  • Name your own __________________________________

Can you relate to any of these?

Conflict is normal in ministry, with people you work with as well as within the family and other personal relationships.

According to Maranatha Life, ninety percent of people surveyed said the hardest thing about ministry is dealing with uncooperative people.

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