God’s Name: Arm of the LORD

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Arm of the LordGod’s Name: Arm of the LORD

Zeroa yahweh (hebrew)

Who has believed our message?

And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?

Isaiah 53:1 (NAS)

Steps on Your Journey to Know God More Intimately:

  • Zeroa means arm, power and strength. When the Bible talks about God’s arm, it is referring to His power. See Psalm 77:15, 98:1 and Acts 13:17.
  • Isaiah 53 refers to the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Take some time to read this chapter today.
  • In John 12:38, Jesus quotes this verse referring to Himself. I’d encourage you to look up the context.
  • Meditate on this name today.
  • Why is Jesus called the Arm of the Lord? How is He like God’s Arm, reaching out to the world? To you?
  • Praise the Lord today for how He reached down to reveal Himself to you.

A Prayer For You:

Lord, thank You for revealing Your Arm to me through Jesus. Help me to understand You more through this name. Open my mind and heart to see You and know You in new ways.

Excerpted  from The Surprising Joy of Exploring God’s Heart

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