God’s Name: King of the Jews

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King of the Jews

God’s Name: King of the Jews

basileus ioudaios (Greek)

Pilate had a notice prepared and fastened to the cross.

It read: “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.”

John 19:19

Excerpted  from The Surprising Joy of Exploring God’s Heart

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Steps On Your Journey To Know God More Intimately:


  • Basileus means king. This is the second part to the title Pilate fastened on the cross after Jesus was hung there.
  • The first part of this name reveals His humanity. The title King of the Jews shows His royalty, power and His authority.
  • Pilate, a Gentile who didn’t believe in the Messiah, wrote this. Why do you think Pilate called Jesus the King of the Jews?
  • Think about how Jesus is your king. What does that look like?
  • Take some time today to remember what Jesus went through for you as He hung on the cross. Ask Him to open your eyes to understand more of what He endured and how much He loves you.

A Prayer For You:


Jesus, thank You for using a heathen ruler to remind me that You are both a human like me as well as being royalty—the King not only of the Jews, but also of the Universe. Help me to honor You and worship You as my King. Thank You for being willing to go to the cross to die for my sins so I can have hope, knowing I’ll live with You for eternity.


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