Imagine Never Having to Raise Support Again!

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Never Do Fundraising AgainNever Do Fundraising Again: A Paradigm Shift from Donors to Lifelong Partners

 When we are in true partnership with people, God often speaks to them about our needs without our mentioning them.

In this practical, biblical book you will discover how to:

  • Transform the stress and drudgery of fundraising into a joyful ministry
  • Utilize proven strategies to spend less time, effort and money to maintain full support
  • Cultivate life-long ministry partners and close friends
  • Convert one time gifts into lifetime support
  • Inspire your partners to become your best recruiters for more support
  • Enjoy freedom from worry about your financial needs

Never Do Fundraising Again! contains proven strategies and skills for building and maintaining your support. It is filled with powerful stories from the author’s lives and others who are using the biblical principles.

This book is written by Ken and Gaylyn Williams, a father-daughter team with over 85 years’ experience (combined) as supported missionaries. Gaylyn, as well as Ken and his wife Bobbie, served with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Blessings on you today and in the coming days.

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