Keys to Transform Your Relationships

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“Life in Christ’s church is life lived in relationships with other people. Some are close and personal, some are not…but all require an amazing assortment of skills if those relationships are to be a vital and positive reflection of Jesus Christ. There is no church, no pastor, no elder board, no ministry team, no Bible study group that would not profit immensely from this book or the accompanying workshop.

From a solidly biblical platform, this book takes a clear and practical look at the major areas that are so critical to any healthy relationship. I have attended my share of “pastor’s conferences” and “how to sessions” designed to improve various facets of my ministry.

Rarely have I been able to say that what I took away was something I use every single day. However, the tools given in this book are truly “every day” tools. I use them in every relationship…from the casual acquaintance to the most intense counseling situation.

If the opportunity comes your way to attend a Keys to Transform Your Relationships Workshop, or host one at your church, do not pass it up! You will be making an investment that guarantees a rich return of healthy, Christ reflecting relationships.”

Under His Mercy,

Pastor Tim Westcott, Idyllwild Bible Church, Idyllwild, CA

This is the Foreword for Keys to Transform Your Relationships, a new book I’m finalizing. You can learn more at