Do you know your enemy?

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Battlefield Strategies front coverWe have an enemy who does not want us to succeed in the Christian life or in ministry. He will do whatever he can to destroy us. That’s just what he does and he does it well.

Many Christians lose more battles than they win. Is that you?

Do you have a sense of hopelessness or defeat you can’t seem to beat? Satan knows he can block your effectiveness as a believer if he can deceive you into believing you are nothing but a product of your past, subject to sin, prone to failure and controlled by your habits. He also loves to make us fearful, hopeless and depressed. It is important for us to learn to see ourselves as God sees us.

Spiritual warfare battle

We are in a battle against the spiritual forces of evil—whether we want to be or not; whether we recognize the truth of what is going on or not (Ephesians 6:12). Understanding this truth is critical for our success in warfare.

Excerpted from Battlefield Strategies for Every Believer: A Biblical Guide to Spiritual Warfare

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