Learn to Unlock Intimacy

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Learn to Unlock Intimacy
Unlock Intimacy

In case you haven’t seen them, I have two books and online courses, by the same titles:

God’s Design for Community. It is divided into seven Keys to unlock relationships:

  1. Lay the Foundation unlocks the connection between how God sees us and how we treat others.
  2. STOP in the Name of Love! unlocks readers’ potential by helping them stop sabotaging their relationships.
  3. Listen Up unlocks understanding.
  4. Unravel the Mystery unlocks intimacy in relationships.
  5. Nurture Trust unlocks a healthy foundation for relationships.
  6. Cultivate Life unlocks the power of encouragement.
  7. Overcome Obstacles solidifies the skills learned.

Each section in this book and Reconcilable Differences examines a key skill you can apply to relationships with anyone in your communities—family members, friends, colleagues and even acquaintances. As you complete the activities, your communication skills and knowledge of Scripture will be strengthened.

Reconcilable Differences is divided into six Keys to unlock relationships:

  1. Embrace Conflict as an Ally unlocks the keys to effectively managing conflict to build your relationships, rather than destroying them.
  2. To Err is Human—to Confront Is Divine unlocks keys to make confrontation positive, rather than negative.
  3. Ticking Time Bombs unlocks skills to lower anger with someone attacking you verbally so you can come to a win/win situation.
  4. Facilitate Peace unlocks skills to empower others to manage their conflicts.
  5. Houston, We Have a Problem unlocks seven powerful steps to help you or others find solutions to problems.
  6. Overcome Obstacles solidifies the unlocked skills.

You can learn more and get them free at this link, if you can help me get the word out about them.

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