My New Book Is Out This Month!!

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How God Sees You Front cover 10-16-13

My New Book Is Out This Month!!

The Surprising Joy of Discovering How God Sees You:

A Daily Adventure with Your Identity in Christ

Do you know how God sees you?

Finding out could transform your entire life.

Many people devote their lives to seeking love and approval from their relationships, possessions, career or appearance. True love and acceptance can only be found in God when you understand and believe what He says about you.

This unique treasure, revealing 365 truths about how God sees you, will:

  • Enable you to grasp God’s image shaped in you
  • Change how you live your life as you experience more of God’s love
  • Empower you to reach your full potential and recognize your great worth in God’s eyes
  • Increase confidence, understanding and acceptance in your life and relationships
  • Stimulate an awareness of the power and authority in your life
  • Encourage discovery of your destiny—what God created you to do

Uncover daily encouragement as you dig deeper into Scripture, discovering what God says about you. These devotional studies contain powerful Bible verses, personal illustrations, relevant prayers, thought-provoking questions and challenging meditations.

You’ll be forever changed as you discover your true identity in Christ.

 This life-changing book will inspire pastors preparing sermons; small groups desiring a unique study; college and seminary students doing research; ministry leaders communicating God’s love to those they serve; individuals, couples and families wanting to better understand themselves and others.

Click here to learn more and to get a free sample: The Surprising Joy of Discovering How God Sees You: A Daily Adventure with Your Identity in Christ

I’ll be doing one devotional each week from this book for the rest of the year. I encourage you to check it out for Christmas gifts.


Gaylyn Williams, co-author of Never Do Fundraising Again: A Paradigm Shift from Donors to Lifelong Partners

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