Steps to Experience Jesus’ Full Joy

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 Steps to Experience Jesus’ Full JoyKeys to Joy

Excerpted from Keys to Joy: How to Unlock God’s Gift of Lasting Happiness

There are three important steps that lead us to experience the full joy Jesus intended. Let’s look at the first one today:

Accept yourself and others as God’s unique creations. The apostles were radically different from each other. Thomas—pessimistic. James and John—enthusiastic, energetic, and eager to gain status. Peter—sometimes exuberant and sometimes in the dumps. Yet the Lord created and chose each one.

Each of us is different, and we express our joy differently. Some of us radiate joy like the sun. We’re naturally bubbly and look on the bright side of things. Others of us are quieter and more subdued, keeping our feelings to ourselves. We may think we don’t have as much joy as others because it doesn’t show as much. The good news is that God made each of us to experience joy in our own unique ways. Quiet, subtle joy can be as real and powerful as exploding exuberance. We shouldn’t condemn anyone, including ourselves, as unspiritual just because we don’t express joy like others.

Whatever our temperament, each of us has the same potential for having Christ’s joy. I’m glad Jesus didn’t put any qualifiers in John 16:24. It doesn’t take a gushing personality to have complete joy!

Keys to Joy has the other two steps, plus lots more on finding—and keeping—joy in your life.

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Julie Gorman, Founder and Executive Director for FYI says about Keys to Joy:

In the midst of a world filled with broken promises and elusive dreams, Keys to Joy provides powerful clarity to obtaining lasting joy. Each chapter contains poignant narrative packed with spiritual truth and practical application. Everyone desires joy, but few discover the key to obtaining it. Keys to Joy unlocks the mystery of joy’s obscurity by providing 12 surprising truths. It’s a must read for every avid “joy” seeker.

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