Ways to Express Gratitude

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Ways to Express GratitudeWays to Express Gratitude

How many ways to express gratitude to your partners do you know?

An attitude of gratitude is very precious to the Lord (Luke 17:11–19; 2 Timothy 3:2). Here are some ways to express your genuine thanks to your ministry partners. If you haven’t used some of these, you may want to try them and then come up with some creative ways of your own. You can also use most of these to express gratitude to anyone in your life.

  • Write a personal letter or postcard.
  • Send short, personal e-mails that obviously relate specifically to them.
  • Call just to find out how they are doing and what you can pray for.
  • Write personal notes on your newsletters.
  • Have your children write notes.
  • Send short handwritten “love notes” at times rather than formal letters.
  • Send pictures (real photographs) of you, your family and your ministry.
  • Ask for their prayer requests. Then pray for them regularly and let them know.
  • Demonstrate caring by listening well and entering into their joys and trials, rather than sharing yours at every opportunity.
  • Ask them about their personal needs.

Excerpted from Never Do Fundraising Again, also available as an online course, empowering missionaries to not transform donors into lifelong ministry partners. These are just a few of the ways. Never Do Fundraising Again has over sixty different ways.

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