What are Some Effects of Stress?

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Everyone develops some healthy and unhealthy reactions to stress. Whether a reaction is healthy or not often depends on how it is handled. Some reactions are inherently more destructive than others.

The American Psychological Association* discovered that many adults say they have felt the physical effects of stress in the past month:

  • 47 percent say they lay awake at night
  • 45 percent are irritable or angry
  • 43 percent describe fatigue
  • 40 percent convey lack of interest, motivation or energy
  • 34 percent have headaches
  • 34 percent say they feel depressed or sad
  • 27 percent have upset stomachs or indigestion from stress

How many of the above effects of stress have you had in the past month or two? If you are experiencing these, I want to encourage you to work through your stress. You might do that alone, with a counselor, a friend, or with God. All Stressed Up and Everywhere to Go! has very practical, simple steps to help you de-stress your life and recover your sanity.

* Copyright ©2009 by the American Psychological Association. 2009. Washington DC. Adapted with permission. Apa.org/news/press/releases/stress-exec-summary.pdf.