God never meant to fight enemy on our own

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Never meant to fight enemy on our own

Excerpted from Battlefield Strategies for Every Believer: A Biblical Guide to Spiritual Warfare

When my son Timothy was about twelve, he started coaching five- and six-year-olds playing soccer. They would run any which way. Someone would grab the ball and not let go. Others would sit down on the field and start crying. Still others would run off the field, straight to their mothers.

It was the funniest thing to watch those children play soccer, but definitely not the type of team I want to be on. They didn’t understand the game, the rules or anything about being team players. In our spiritual warfare, we want people on our team who understand the game and can support and encourage each other.

The Lord never meant for us to have to fight the enemy on our own. Imagine that you were the only player on a soccer team trying to do everything—be the goal keeper, the defender, the midfielder and the forward. Then imagine that your opponent had a full team with eleven players, plus substitutes for reinforcements in case something happened to the main players. How much success do you think you would have? Would there be any chance of your winning?

We need a team to successfully do spiritual warfare. We looked at God as our coach in the last chapter; however, He also gave us a team to help us.

When I started writing this book, I began to feel horrible physically. For two days, I was weak, and had swollen glands, a headache and more. I thought it was probably warfare because of what I’m writing. I know the enemy doesn’t like to have his playbook exposed to the public.

The first two days, I did warfare on my own: praising the Lord, putting on my armor, binding the enemy in the Name of Jesus and releasing the Spirit and the angels. However, I still felt horrible.

The third morning I decided to call in reinforcements. I texted people who are prayer warriors to pray for me. I asked them to stand in for me, like Moses, Aaron and Hur did for Joshua when he was fighting a huge battle. We’ll look at that story from Exodus 17 shortly.

I also made a choice that I wasn’t going to let the enemy win by slowing down this book getting written. As soon as my “team” began praying, I started feeling better. I sat and wrote for about twelve hours that day!

I wondered why I had waited so long to call in reinforcements. I made a choice that day to keep people informed about what is going on and ask them to pray with me. We need others to stand with us. Do you have people who pray for you? Can you call, email or text them at times when you really need them? If not, I encourage you to find people who can be on your team, as well as you standing with them in their battles. This could be your spouse, parents, children, friends, a pastor, a small group or some other person or people.

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