STOP in the Name of Love!

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STOP in the Name of Love!

Excerpted from God’s Design for Community Online Course

People do and say things that damage relationships in their communities—with spouses, family members, friends and colleagues. Often they don’t even realize what they are doing. You may be thinking, “Me? Sabotage my relationships? No way!” Or perhaps you are thinking, “I don’t need training on relationship saboteurs. I already know how to destroy my associations.” This Key will help you recognize some of the saboteurs you might be using knowingly or unknowingly.


  1. Recall a time when you were hurting and needed someone to understand your situation. You tried to talk with a friend or family member and realized he was not listening.
  2. How did his failure to listen and understand what you said make you feel at that time?
  3. Did you ever go back to share with that person?
  4. Think about a time someone did or said something thoughtlessly or out of hostility.
  5. How did it make you feel?
  6. How did it affect your relationship?
  7. Have you ever failed to give your attention to someone who needed you to understand? If so, how did it affect your relationship with that person?

Relationships can be damaged by what people say and do, as well as by what they don’t say or do. What are you doing to sabotage your relationships? Are you ready to embrace healthier connections with the people in your life? Then in the name of love, stop sabotaging your relationships.

The second Key to transform your relationships is to learn how to avoid sabotaging them. It will help you identify what you may be doing to undermine your relationships and will give you the tools to help you stop making these mistakes.

The online course, God’s Design for Community, is now available. It will teach you how to “STOP in the Name of Love!”

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