God’s Name: Brilliant Lord

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SJ Journal front coverGod, brilliant Lord, yours is a household name.

Psalm 8:1 (MSG)

Excerpted  from The Surprising Joy Journal:

A Daily Adventure with 365 of God’s Names

The Surprising Joy Journal is now available! It can be used with the Surprising Joy of Exploring God’s Heart or separately. Each day has the name of God, a verse and room to write your thoughts about that name.

Meditate on this name of God and verse. Write down in a separate notebook, what God is saying to you today. You can get a copy of this journal by going to www.RRbooks.org/Journal.

Blessings on you,

Gaylyn Williams, co-author of Keys to Joy: How to Unlock God’s Gift of Lasting Happiness  and All Stressed Up and Everywhere to Go, Solutions to De-Stressing Your Life, Recover Your Sanity



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