God’s Name for Easter: My Servant

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God's name for Easter: My servant

God’s Name for Easter: My Servant

ebed (hebrew)

See, my servant will act wisely;

he will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted.

Isaiah 52:13

Steps on Your Journey to Know God More Intimately:

  • Ebed means servant or bondservant.
  • Let’s start preparing for Easter. I want to encourage you to focus in on what the Lord did for us. We’ll begin by looking at Isaiah 52:13 through chapter 53.
  • Read Isaiah 52:13-15. Focus on how Jesus is described and what it says will happen to Him.
  • Why do you think the Father calls the Messiah, Jesus, His Servant in Isaiah 52:13, rather than His Son or some other title?
  • Philippians 2:7 says that Jesus took the very nature of a servant. Think about what a servant does and is.
  • Since Jesus was God’s servant, should we expect any different for ourselves?

A Prayer For You:

Thank You, Jesus, that You were willing to come to earth as a Servant, rather than as a King. You chose to serve rather than to be served. Thank You for going through so much pain and heartache for me. Help me to know and understand You more through this name.

Excerpted  from The Surprising Joy of Exploring God’s Heart

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