Thank you for praying and an update

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Thank you for praying for me. And thank you too for all the notes I’ve received. What a blessing!! I am so abundantly blessed in so many ways.
In case you don’t have time to read the details, this first paragraph is a summary:  The angiogram went well. There were no blockages in arteries or blood vessels. However, it revealed that there is a heart muscle that is over my main artery pressing on it. (arteries are supposed to be over the muscle). We don’t know if this is a congenital defect or the muscle grew over the artery. The doctor is trying me on a medicine that I think is supposed to help build up the arteries so it can’t be crushed. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to have open heart surgery (unless, of course, God does a miracle!!)
The problem yesterday and ongoing is that my blood pressure is extremely low (yesterday even getting saline solution all day, my blood pressure was in the 70s and 80s over the 50s.) Consequently they couldn’t give me hardly any sedative during the procedure, so I was fully aware of everything. God’s Shalom was around me–no fear and very little pain!!!
The other problem with the low blood pressure is that most of the medicines the doctor would give me to help fix the problem (potentially) would lower my blood pressure. If this medicine doesn’t work, I’ll have to have open heart surgery. I’m also trying to figure out other things that might raise my blood pressure. I’m going to experiment with different foods. If you know any that might help, I’m open. I’d really rather not have open heart surgery.
I’m supposed to laying down for two+ days. So I’m being lazy (something that is not normal for me). (It’s hard typing laying down!!)
We still don’t know if it was my heart that caused the initial episode. Or if they episode caused the heart issue. This is all trial and error at the moment, trying to figure out what is going on. The Dr also said I might have other issues going on. Pray for wisdom for the doctors.
Thank you for praying. The doctors have very few options to help me. But the Great Physician has the best option of all with no side affects!! Please pray for complete healing. Despite circumstances, God is always good and He is giving me so much joy and peace.