What does God long for you to know about Him?

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What does God long for you to know about Him?Cover for 2031 Names of God

What does God long for you to know about Him?

Find out, and your life will never be the same.

Discover how God describes himself in the Bible. It will change your life forever.

Reading this rich treasury of 2031 of God’s names from Scripture will help you:

•           Get to know God in deeper, more intimate ways

•           Come into God’s presence in new and fresh ways

•           Discover comfort, strength and hope from understanding God’s character

•           Expand your vision for God’s power, majesty and greatness

•           Enjoy a growing passion for God through praise and worship

•           Transform your prayer life and strengthen your faith

This unique treasure includes Scripture references for each name and over 400 Greek or Hebrew names. This life-changing reference book will empower:

•           individuals, couples and families wanting to grow in their relationship with God

•           small groups desiring a unique study

•           pastors and college or seminary students doing research for classes or sermons

•           missionaries seeking to maintain their love for God in difficult situations

To learn more about 2031 Names of God: Change Your Life! Get to Know God in Fresh New Ways click here.

Blessings on you,

Gaylyn Williams, co-author of Never Do Fundraising Again: A Paradigm Shift from Donors to Lifelong Partners  and The Surprising Joy of Exploring God’s Heart: A Daily Adventure with 365 of His Names


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