You Are a Sharer in God’s Grace

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You Are a Sharer in God’s Grace

Excerpted from The Surprising Joy of Discovering How God Sees You

All of you share in God’s grace with me.

Philippians 1:7 NIV

Steps on Your Journey to Discover How God Sees You:image of The Surprising Joy of Discovering Your Identity in Christ

  • What is grace? Look at the following definitions:

Grace is God’s unmerited favor. There is nothing we can do to get more of it.

“Grace” in Greek is charis, meaning graciousness, favor, gift, joy, thanks and pleasure. It also means the divine influence upon the heart and its reflection in life.

  • I like the acrostic for grace:
  • Look at other translations of this verse:

The Message says, “All along you have experienced with me the most generous help from God.”

The Amplified Bible says, “I hold you in my heart as partakers and sharers, one and all with me, of grace (God’s unmerited favor and spiritual blessing).”

The New Living Translation says, “You share with me the special favor of God.”

  • Think about what this verse says. What does it mean to you that you get to share in God’s grace, His unmerited favor? How does that impact your life today? If it doesn’t affect you, consider why it doesn’t. Ask God to show you what is holding you back.

A Prayer for You:

Dear Lord God, thank You for the privilege I have of sharing in Your grace with other believers. Teach me more of what this means for my life. I want to understand Your amazing grace in new ways.

Kacie Linamen, Teenager and College Student, said about The Surprising Joy of Discovering How God Sees You

“Until we understand our true identity as a child of God, we will never feel whole. Working on this book gave me a new appreciation for who I am in Christ. It taught me that God is the missing piece to everything that we lack. To the fatherless, He is a father. To the weak, He is strength. In this way, the book can be useful to anyone who feels inadequate in some form or another. As a teenager in this world of media and persuasion, I often feel less than. By learning my birthright in God’s kingdom, I realized that I have access to everything that He is. My power lies in Him; therefore I am capable of anything.”

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