Biblical Principles for Spiritual Warfare

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Powerful, Proven Principles for Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare can be extremely difficult, so we need to take the time to prepare and protect ourselves. We need to understand it and apply the biblical principles God has given us in His Word. We also need to know what resources are available to us and how to use them effectively.

God has given us a detailed guidebook revealing how to do spiritual warfare. The problem is that so many people and books have made spiritual warfare seem overwhelming and not achievable for “normal” Christians. That is so far from the truth. They also make it seem terrifying, because they focus on the enemy, making him seem more powerful. This book focuses more on God than the enemy.

In this book, I give you specific weapons and strategies you can use daily in your warfare. I’m not saying this is the only way to do it. These are principles I’ve found in the Word and I’ve tested them and proven them in my own life. I encourage you to try them.

We need to know we are not alone in our fight against the enemy. God, the angels and other believers are on our team. Jesus already won the victory over the enemy when He died on the cross and was raised to life. We need to recognize what He did and the power we have because of what He did. We must learn to live our lives in the power and authority He has given us. If we don’t, we open the door for the enemy to harm us and our families.

Excerpted from Battlefield Strategies for Every Believer: A Biblical Guide to Spiritual Warfare

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