Stress Is a Normal Part of Life

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Stress Is a Normal Part of LifeStress is normal

Stress is normal. Up to a point, it is helpful and healthy. Often we view all stress as negative, when it is—or can be—very positive. An optimum amount of stress stimulates, invigorates and motivates us. Only when we become overwhelmed by it does it become destructive.

I (Gaylyn) was teaching a class on de-stressing one’s life at a seminary in Texas. I asked, jokingly, how many of them did not have any stress at all in their lives. I often ask that question to show it’s normal to experience stress and it doesn’t mean we are unspiritual if we have it.

This particular time one couple raised their hands, proudly telling the group that they had absolutely no stress in their lives. Everyone looked at them incredulously. I was dumbfounded, not knowing how to respond.

At the coffee break, I talked to that couple, just getting to know them. I found out their young daughter had just been molested. They also recently had to flee the country where they served as missionaries, because of terrorists. Yet, they said they had no stress. Interesting. It turned out that they believed that if you experienced any stress, then you were not spiritual enough. They were very judgmental of the rest of the group who openly shared their struggles. That couple never did change their thoughts on stress. I’m still not sure why they were in the class.

We want to assure you that you can be spiritual and still experience stress. Jesus, Paul and other biblical characters experienced great stress. They are examples to us of how to handle ours. We will study their stories later.

Excerpted from All Stressed Up and Everywhere to Go!  co-authored with Ken Williams.

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