Powerful Books and Training for 2015

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How is your year starting off? How can I serve you this year?

Relationship Resources Released Five Books Last YearThe Surprising Joy of Embracing God's Promises

You can learn more about each of these books as well as get a free sample of them by clicking on the links above. They are also available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle (you can read the Kindle books on MACs, PCs, tablets and all smart phones).

Prayer Request

Please pray for me as I’m going to a cabin for two weeks to seek God and what He has for Relationship Resources. I also plan to work on one or more books, probably the books that will also become online courses on living in community.

Powerful Training for Churches, Missionaries and Ministries

Besides offering books, Relationship Resources also offers practical, biblical training and workshops for people wanting to strengthen their relationships. Over the past 40 years, thousands of people worldwide have benefited from our teachings. Our trainings are biblically-based with practical steps to overcome challenges with all your relationships–with God, others and yourself.  Some of our topics include:

Blessings on you this year as you grow to know God in new ways and serve Him,

Gaylyn Williams, President of Relationship Resources

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